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The Arts in the Time of Coronavirus

Growing up, I remember the elders talking about the polio and measles outbreaks of their day. How these diseases gripped communities and changed lives forever. Never could I have imagined that we would see similar outbreaks in my lifetime. But in the last decade we’ve seen Ebola, a resurgence of measles, and now today, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). At this writing, there have been more than 160,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide and the death toll from the disease has exceeded 6,000. In parts of the world, social gatherings are banned, borders are closed, schools, stores, and other public places...

Movies for Art Lovers

Many artists have to overcome extraordinary circumstances to create. A finished work may offer hints about an artist's journey, but it does not tell the full story. The films on the following list have recognizable artist names and those that may be unfamiliar. These films help to put each artist's work into context by offering important historical and personal details. We have also included Peggy Guggenheim on the list. Though she was not an artist, she was a patron and collector who acted as a catalyst to advance a number of careers. 

Séraphine (2008) 

The movie examines the life and...