Shelvy Ramsey

Meet the Artist

After a successful career in the healthcare field, Shelvy returned to her art practice full time when she retired. 

Q: How did you get started making art?

RAMSEY: I have been interested in art since elementary school. It is one of my passions. I got started with art by doing art coursework in the 1960s, and I really enjoyed it a lot. At that time, I dreamed of becoming an artist. 

Q: What colors do you like the most?

RAMSEY: I like working with the primary colors. And I love how blending them creates a rich palette of many colors.  

Q: When you worked in the healthcare field, did you do art with your patients?

RAMSEY: When time permitted, I enjoyed doing art with the residents on my unit. Because they enjoyed drawing and coloring as much as I did. I also once had the idea to do a quilt with the residents. I created the pattern, and I shared it with them. And together we made a quilt that still hangs on the recreation room wall. 

Q: Why do you do art?

RAMSEY: Art is an important part of my life because it keeps me busy and focused.

Q: What time of day do you usually paint or draw?

RAMSEY: I enjoy painting and drawing in the afternoon and at night. I do acrylic painting and pencil drawings. My sketch pad is always close at hand. 

Q: What has art taught you about yourself?

RAMSEY: Art has taught me that my artistic talents can have a positive impact.

Q: Do you have a motto? Or words to live by?

RAMSEY: Never give up on your dreams. And as my Aunt Ila used to say, “Always follow your mind. And do what your mind leads you to do.”