Barbara A. Outterson

Barbara A. Outterson Profile Photo for Drinking Gourd Gallery

Meet the Artist

Barbara A. Outterson moved to Raleigh, North Carolina in 1999 from her hometown of Rochester, New York. She has spent her life involved in fine arts, in love with opera and painting from the age of 5. She obtained degrees in Opera Performance, Vocal Pedagogy, and Psychology which has allowed her to enjoy a long career in performance and education.

Barbara primarily works with acrylic paint, occasionally adding a bit of fabric to the composition of her work. She began sketching flowers as a child, transitioned to ink drawings and calligraphy, then began painting in oils and acrylic, finding that acrylic was her true passion, at age 12. For a brief period of her life, she worked the art and craft show circuits under the business name, “Works By Barbara.” In the early 2000s, Barbara began working on slightly larger paintings, trying to sell work online, and mounting a private showing of all of her work in 2009. She sold
the largest painting from that exhibition at a silent auction in downtown Raleigh, in the autumn of 2009.

Barbara revived her passion for art while preparing a retirement painting for a dear friend, in 2022. Since then, she has begun pouring all of her joys and sorrows into her canvases, culminating in the search that brought her to Drinking Gourd Gallery for the 2023 M is for Menopause, Baby! exhibition. She is thrilled to be affiliated with such a dynamic group of artists and optimistic about her future work with the support of her husband and three children.